A peacock is a living rainbow of beauty and grace; it spreads joy and hope; and stands out for its ascendancy. It is not only the national bird of India but also an epitome of art, colours, love and aspirations that the Indian entertainment industry promises.

In 2015, the Indian Film and Television Producers Council (IFTPC) has unveiled its brand personality that is true representation of its guiding principle, purpose of existence and associated people.

The iridescent blue and green plumage stands for excellence in art and creativity; the long-slender neck stands for acumen and business sense; the crest atop its head is majestic and indicates its supremacy.

Welcome the council that has deep-rooted culture and traditions; takes pride in its members and their accomplishments; and constantly strives towards welfare of all stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to spread joy, optimism, hope, love and warmth and make the industry highly productive and efficient.